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Advanced Computing at Clemson University

This page lists the online resources available to the research computing community at Clemson University

Palmetto Cluster Documentation

The Palmetto Cluster is Clemson University's primary high-performance computing (HPC) resource.


JupyterHub is a web-based interactive computing environment powered by the Palmetto Cluster. Documentation for JupyterHub can be found here.


XDMod is a tool for monitoring and tuning jobs on the Palmetto cluster. XDMod is currently in "experimental" stage, but users are free to explore features and report problems.

Palmetto Login VM

Palmetto Login VM is a platform that combines hardware and software to provide a group of virtual machines (VMs) for user to access the Palmetto Cluster. Through this platform, a user can request a Login VM to be exclusively assigned to herself or himself and use the VM to work on the cluster more effectively.