Palmetto Login VM

Palmetto Login VM is a platform that integrates remote graphical desktop access to the Palmetto cluster using virtualization technology.

Quick Start

  • Click MyVM | Request VM to get an VM assignment.
  • Click MyVM | Show My VM to see your VM assignment.
  • Click MyVM | Release VM to release your VM assignment.
For more information, see the user guide or the quick start guide.

Access the VM

  • Lauch a Remote Desktop Client on your desktop, enter the IP address of your assigned VM in the Remote Computer Filed.
  • Log into the VM using your Clemson ID/Password plus authorization on your DUO two factor authentication device.
  • Use your assigned VM to conduct your work on the cluster.

Sample Use Cases

  • Run GUI applications.
  • Oragnize advanced workflows.
  • Computational software development.
Notice: Access to the Login VMs is currently limited to campus network. When you are off-campus, you my first connect to Clemson VPN and then access the VM.