Special Reservation

You can submit a request to allocate a special computational queue for you. This queue is granted for a short time (one or two months, usually), and during this time it works like an owner's queue. This request is granted in special circumstances, e.g. you are close to graduation or you have a very important deadline to meet.

To submit a request, please email ithelp@clemson.edu with the subject "Palmetto Reservation". Inside the email, please answer the following questions:

  • Name
  • Clemson Username
  • Faculty Advisor's Clemson Username
  • Research Abstract: very important! Please provide a description of your research and how Palmetto will help with your research goals.
  • Reason for Reservation: please explain why your research requires a dedicated reservation (mention deadlines and any other special circumstances).
  • Specific Hardware Requirements (for example, "Any GPU nodes", "Only P100 nodes", "HDR Interconnect" etc.)
  • Node count: Number of requested nodes
  • Palmetto phase (if applicable; you can run cat /etc/hardware-table on Palmetto login node to see the hardware specs for different phases)
  • Required long-term storage (TB) (if any)
  • Number of jobs that will be run simultaneously
  • Maximum walltime (hours)
  • Preferred start date
  • Duration (days)

After we receive your application, we will have a meeting with you where we go over it to see if we can satisfy your needs with the usual PAlmetto procedures. If you do need a special reservation, we will submit a request to CU-CAT (Clemson University Computational Advisory Team) for evaluation. You will receive information about their decision within a few days.