Covid-19 update

In response to recent events and effective Monday, March 16, the CITI ACDS team is now delivering Palmetto office-hours, consultations, and training online via web-conferencing. In particular, the weekly Wednesday office-hours and Friday on-boarding will be hosted online via Zoom. Furthermore, all training will also be delivered online through Zoom. These changes will remain in place until the university provides further direction. Please follow our guidelines outlined below:

  1. Sign-in to and use your Clemson username and password to activate your account. This only needs to be done once to activate your Zoom account. You will receive an email from Zoom that confirms your registration and contains the activation link. If you do not receive an email within an hour, please notify us at
  2. Once you have access to Zoom, please use the following link to go to our Zoom channel and register for the date/time that works for you:

Getting Help

Palmetto Office Hours

Palmetto Office Hours are held every Wednesday 8-11 AM, in 412 Cooper Library. Just drop by - no appointment necessary.

Email ithelp

Email and include the word “Palmetto” in the subject line. The Palmetto staff will automatically receive your message. Please provide us with as much information as possible, including:

  1. The exact commands that you run immediately after logging in, which will reproduce the problem
  2. The exact output from each command
  3. The locations of the files/folders involved, especially your PBS batch script
  4. Other details which may be relevant (OS, SSH client, etc.,)

Research support

The CITI group offers various research computing support services. Please visit our website to learn more.

Information for New Users

Obtaining an account

An account is required to access and use the Palmetto cluster. All Clemson University students, faculty and staff can request an account following the procedure detailed below:

  1. Access the new ITHelp Portal at
  2. After Logging in Select “Browse Our Services”
  3. Select Research > Research Computing > High Perf Computing and Storage
  4. Under High Perf Computing and Storage, select “Request Account”
  5. Enter the information requested.
  6. Once the form is complete, press the “Submit” button.

Account requests are generally processed in a few hours, but may take up to a few days.


The CITI group offers a workshop on using the Palmetto custer every month. See upcoming training sessions here.

Covid-19 update. The instructor will communicate via email concerning how to attend remotely. Check your email filters for emails from “ittraining”.

On-boarding sessions

For new users of Palmetto, we offer on-boarding sessions every Friday 9-10 AM, at Barre Hall 2108. Please drop by to discuss how Palmetto can help you realize your research goals, and get help with getting started on Palmetto cluster.

Acknowledging Palmetto Cluster

We would appreciate if all publications that include results generated using the Palmetto cluster include a short statement in the Acknowledgment section. As an example, the acknowledgment may look like this:

Clemson University is acknowledged for generous allotment of compute time on Palmetto cluster.