Dashboard Files

  • Click on OOD Dashboard's Files dropdown menu will display a list of three directories for the user:

  • Home

  • /scratch1/
  • /scratch2/

We are investigating how to dynamically add additional accessible locations for users in research groups with dedicated storage on ZFS

  • Clicking on one of the directory links will open a new browser tab, which is an interface to navigate and manipulate the contents of the directory.

  • Double-clicking on one of the listed directories will open up the contents of that directory.

  • Specific utilities supporting the creation/manipulation/upload/download of files and directories are available at the top of the browser tab.

  • User can view a file by click View or edit a file using Edit. They can also create a New File or a New Directory, Upload or Download files, and Rename or Move a file.

  • Clicking Edit or New File will end up with another new browser tab that is a browser-based editor for OOD.

  • The browser-based editor will have options for users to change themes, font, and highlighting schemes depending on the programming languages they are working on.

  • The Save button on the top-left of the tab is initially gray (see the previous), but once a change is made to the document, it will become highlighted and clickable.
  • You must manually click this button periodically to ensure that your data is saved. At the moment, there is no Auto-Save feature for this editor.