Software installed on Palmetto


A large number of popular software packages are installed on Palmetto and can be used without any setup or configuration. These include:

  • Compilers (such as gcc, Intel, and PGI)
  • Libraries (such as OpenMPI, HDF5, Boost)
  • Programming languages (such as Python, MATLAB, R)
  • Scientific applications (such as LAMMPS, Paraview, ANSYS)
  • Others (e.g., Git, PostgreSQL, Singularity)

These packages are available as modules on Palmetto. The following commands can be used to inspect, activate and deactivate modules:

Command Purpose
module avail List all packages available (on current system)
module add package/version Add a package to your current shell environment
module list List packages you have loaded
module rm package/version Remove a currently loaded package
module purge Remove all currently loaded packages

See the Quick Start Guide for more details about modules.

Licensed software

Many site-licensed software packages are available on Palmetto cluster (e.g., MATLAB, ANSYS, COMSOL, etc.,). There are limitations on the number of jobs that can run using these packages. See this section of the User's Guide on how to check license usage.

Individual-owned or group-owned licensed software can also be run on Palmetto.

Software with graphical applications

There are two ways to run graphical software on Palmetto:

  1. with X11 tunneling: easy but slow and might not work for graphics-heavy applications;
  2. with VNC: fast, more reliable, but trickier to set up.

Software list