MrBayes is a program for Bayesian inference and model choice across a wide range of phylogenetic and evolutionary models. MrBayes uses Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods to estimate the posterior distribution of model parameters.

Installing BEAGLE Library

BEAGLE library is supported to dramatic speedups for codon and amino acid models on compatible hardware (NVIDIA graphics cards); To install MrBayes in your /home directory on Palmetto, you’ll need to begin by installing the BEAGLE library. Here are the steps, starting with checking-out the source code using Subversion:

[galen@login001 ~]$ cd
[galen@login001 ~]$ svn checkout beagle-setup
[galen@login001 ~]$ cd beagle-setup
[galen@login001 beagle-setup]$ ./
[galen@login001 beagle-setup]$ ./configure --prefix=/home/galen/beagle-lib
[galen@login001 beagle-setup]$ make install 

Once installed, I also needed to add the location of these new libraries to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH (this can be done in your ~/.bashrc file, or in your PBS job script as I have done at the bottom of this section):

[galen@login001 beagle-setup]$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/galen/beagle-lib/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Finally, verify that everything is setup properly:

[galen@login001 beagle-setup]$ make check

Installing MrBayes

You can build a parallel version of MrBayes using OpenMPI or MPICH2. I used MPICH2 and I included the BEAGLE libraries when compiling MrBayes, so those libraries will also be needed whenever I run MrBayes.

[galen@login001 src]$ module add gcc/4.4 mpich2/1.4

[galen@login001 ~]$ wget
[galen@login001 ~]$ tar -zxf mrbayes-3.2.1.tar.gz
[galen@login001 ~]$ cd mrbayes_3.2.1/src
[galen@login001 src]$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/home/galen/beagle-lib/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
[galen@login001 src]$ autoconf
[galen@login001 src]$ ./configure --enable-mpi=yes --with-beagle=/home/galen/beagle-lib
[galen@login001 src]$ make

Here, the mb executable was created in my /home/galen/mrbayes_3.2.1/src directory.

Running MrBayes

When running MrBayes in parallel, you’ll need to use 1 processor core for each Markov chain, and the default number of chains is 4 (3 heated and 1 that’s not heated).

Below is an example MrBayes job that uses one of the example Nexus files included with my installation package /home/galen/mrbayes_3.2.1/examples/primates.nex.

My MrBayes input file (mb_input) contains these commands:

begin mrbayes;
  set autoclose=yes nowarn=yes;
  execute primates.nex;
  lset nst=6 rates=gamma;
  mcmc nruns=1 ngen=10000 samplefreq=10 file=primates.nex;
  mcmc file=primates.nex2;
  mcmc file=primates.nex3;

My PBS job script for running this job in parallel looks like this:

#PBS -N MrBayes
#PBS -l select=1:ncpus=4:mpiprocs=4:mem=6gb:interconnect=1g,walltime=02:00:00
#PBS -j oe

source /etc/profile.d/
module purge
module add gcc/4.4 mpich2/1.4

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/galen/beagle-lib/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
NCORES=`qstat -xf $PBS_JOBID | grep List.ncpus | sed 's/^.\{26\}//'`

mpiexec -n $NCORES /home/galen/mrbayes_3.2.1/src/mb mb_input > mb.log