Fall 2021 Training Schedule

Starting Spring 2021, we will also test our recorded workshop features, where Zoom-based workshops are recorded and sent by request. All recordings will require Clemson's authentication to view. Downloading is not permitted. Please contact ithelp@clemson.edu for the link

Please click on Registration for each of the workshop below. The Registration link will be accessible 1 week prior to the workshop. You will need to use g.clemson.edu to access the form.

Once done, our workshop facilitator will send the zoom link to your registered email few days before the workshop date.

Registration link will be automatically closed once it hits max 60 participants.

** Certificate eligible: Our group offers Certificate of Attendence for R and Python workshop series:

  • For R: participants need to attend total 4 sessions in R Programming and submit final mini project.

  • For Python: participants need to attend total 9 sessions and submit final mini project.