A reservation request is a request for temporary priority access to one or more nodes on the cluster.

A reservation request can be made by filling out the form here

Important information about reservation requests

Reservation requests will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. For example:

  • You have an important deadline coming up (e.g., paper or conference submission) and may not be able to complete all required computations before this deadline without immediate access to hardware.

  • You have a unique workflow that requires running a job for longer than the maximum walltime on Palmetto. Please note that in the majority of cases, this can be solved by checkpointing or optimizing your application.

For your request to be considered, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. The reason for requesting a reservation (e.g., upcoming deadline or insufficient walltime)
  2. A brief description of the work that will be accomplished with the help of the reservation
  3. A detailed description of the workflow and what efforts have been made to run the workflow within the existing queue/walltime limits

Reservation requests can not be made on a regular basis. If your group requires extended priority access to Palmetto nodes, please consider becoming an owner.

Before submitting a request, it is strongly recommended to contact the CITI team to review your requirements. E-mail ithelp@clemson.edu with the subject line “Palmetto Reservation Request Information”.

Who can make a reservation request?

Any Palmetto user can make a reservation request.

How many nodes can I request and for how long?

Typically, a reservation request is made for a few nodes (1-5) and for a few weeks (3-12).

Who reviews the request?

The request is reviewed and voted upon by a team of faculty (Clemson University Computational Advisory Team).